We Built This City / Manc 17: Vikas Shah MBE - Entrepreneur, philanthropist, game-changer

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What do Sir Richard Branson, Rita Ora and Usain Bolt have in common? They’re all on a first-name basis with Vikas Shah MBE. 

Here, Lisa Morton delves into the life of one of the most successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists in the UK.
We Built This City is a series of conversations with some of the amazing Mancunians - born, bred or adopted – who put the heart into modern Manchester. A celebration of the human grit, determination and love found throughout the city, these episodes will lift you up, make you laugh and inspire you to leave our city in a better place.

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Vikas started his first business aged just 14, creating and selling website designs – never knowing that this would be the start of an exceptional career. 
Now, Vikas is CEO of Swiscot Group - a diversified international trading business – and teaches at three separate universities, including his role as Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship at MIT Sloan. Not just settling for that, however, he’s also the Chair of several social enterprises, sits on the board of local and global charities and speaks publicly on issues ranging from mental health to inequality.
Understanding his privileged position, he lives by the mantra: “If you can make a difference, you should feel obligated to do so – because it’s just by pure fluke that you’re not in that position.”
If you want to learn how to make positive change whatever your position, Vikas is someone you need to know. 
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Your host, Lisa Morton, started PR company Roland Dransfield in 1996, one month after the fateful IRA bomb that tore apart the city centre. From that point, the business, and its team members, have been involved in helping to support the creation of Modern Manchester – across regeneration, business, charity, leisure and hospitality, sport and culture. 
To celebrate the 24 years that Roland Dransfield has spent creating these bonds, Lisa is gathering together some of her Greater Mancunian ‘family’ and will be exploring how they have created their own purposeful relationships with the best place in the world.

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