We Built This City

By Roland Dransfield
Incredible conversations with the Mancunians - born, bred and adopted - that put the heart into Modern Manchester.Manchester is built on the people that come together day in day out and the purposeful relationships they forge. We Built This City focuses on how these extraordinary Mancunians have built something that impacts lives, the stories and values that have driven them to do it, and how they have built thriving businesses that embody their beliefs.Celebrate human grit, determination, loyalty, and diversity across culture, arts, politics, sport, music and business.Lisa Morton interviews Mancunian icons like Andy Burnham, John Thomson, Stacey Copeland, Clint Boon, Sacha Lord, Diane Modahl MBE, Ged King, Chris Brindley MBE, Carl Austin-Behan OBE, Karina Jadhav, Shelina Begum, Sarah Collins, and Damian Hughes

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