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Episode/Pennod 19 | Pat Morgan: Swci Boscawen - Couture C'ching

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Episode notes

As part of Dydd Miwsig Cymru, we talk to Pat Morgan - one half of the legendary Welsh language band Datblygu - who talks about growing up in a vicarage, starting a pop group with her sister before moving away to university and feeling like she lost her Welsh. She also talks about being introduced to Datblygu's music before joining them with a shared frustration at the state of Welsh language music and wanting things that held a mirror of the welsh life they knew. Pat also chose Swci Boscawen's 2007 debut album Couture C'ching as her favourite Welsh album and inducts it in to the Welsh Music Hall of Fame. Featuring Tacsidermi & Sister Wives – A Oes Heddwch. Follow us on Twitter @welshmusicpod and visit www.welshmusicpodcast.co.uk for more information and to submit a track to showcase. Show notes Dydd Miwsig Cymru - llyw.cymru/dydd-miwsig-cymru