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By Stewart Ritchie

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Scale: The Modern Media Podcast is brought to you by the host, Stewart Ritchie, who is the founder and lead developer at Powered by Coffee, a web and software development team focusing on technology issues facing the media today. Scale is a podcast about how technology impacts the media and how the media impacts technology in return, everything from ad tech and privacy to hosting and content management.

We're interested in where we are today. Where we'll be tomorrow and where we might end up in the future.

About our host, Stewart Ritchie

Stewart is the founder and lead developer of powered by coffee, a web, and software development agency.

Creating websites and applications almost as soon as he could get online, Stewart got his start creating video game forums and communities in the early 2000s.

Taking a break to study something completely different (Biology) at university, Stewart returned to web development freelancing as Powered by Coffee in 2010. Since then Stewart has built countless websites, ranging from small local businesses to global media brands, delivered training and conferences talks on DevOps (specifically focused on WordPress), and expanded the Powered by Coffee team so he could help more organizations to the web well.

As a long-time consumer and proponent of the open web Stewart has a keen interest in supporting sustainable content creation for publishers, brands and media teams. Stewart is particularly concerned with supporting our news media and how the changing face of media impacts journalism, the populace, and eventually governmental structures.

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