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Van Life in Outback Queensland

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It's time to talk about van life in Outback Queensland! What’s the best way to plan your route through the Outback and does it feel safe if you do it as a solo traveller? What is a pig race and why is Steph using her ability to starfish as a system of measurement? And most importantly, what’s the biggest travel hack we’ve learned on how you can live the van life for next to no cost.


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00:00:00 Van life adventures.

00:06:12 A massive camper van bed.

00:08:47 Parking challenges in the Outback.

00:13:52 Pig races and ethical encounters.

00:16:24 Feeling safe while traveling.

00:19:06 Self-defense and safety measures.

00:25:26 Qantas Light Show.

00:27:03 New wildlife and bird watching.

00:30:27 Dreaming big in life.

00:36:23 Traveling as you age.

00:37:33 Van life and comfort levels.

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