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Upgrading your travels: When is it worth it?

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Flight upgrades... are they worth it or a total waste of money? When flying, what is the best way to get a cheap upgrade, whether using cash or points, and when is it actually just not worth it at all? We also delve into hotel and rental card upgrades and the surprisingly easy method to get them for free.

00:00:00 Upgrades can be worth it.

00:09:40 Communication is key in hosting.

00:14:06 Airbnb hosting can be challenging.

00:15:12 Airbnb drama and Philly adventures.

00:23:21 Consider upgrading for long-haul flights.

00:25:22 Upgrade to higher class flights.

00:30:29 Consider cost and comfort for upgrades.

00:37:52 Lounge access can save money.

00:40:52 Always check for flight upgrades.

00:46:03 Use points for upgrades and ask for hotel upgrades.

00:51:00 Upgrade requests can lead to better accommodations.

00:56:20 Hotels in New York are expensive.

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