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Dubai Deep Dive: Travel Tips, Culture, and Opulent Adventures

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Episode notes

It's time to talk Dubai! Steph recently dipped her toes into Middle Eastern culture by visiting Dubai and the Middle East for the first time. As Andrea has been a few times, we talk through out own experiences, what talk about what we loved about to Dubai, what we didn't love and ultimately... would we move there?

00:00:00 - Introduction to Dubai Experiences

00:00:59 - Content Creation Retreat in Byron Bay

00:02:40 - Wedding Plans in Bucharest and Castle Tours

00:05:31 - Upcoming Trip to Athens

00:06:30 - Discussing Dubai's Attractions and Lifestyle

00:08:05 - Emirates Flight Experience

00:10:14 - Tips for Using Taxis in Dubai

00:11:06 - Exploring Dubai with a Local

00:12:06 - Saving Money on Activities in Dubai

00:13:10 - Utilising Apps for Deals in Dubai

00:14:05 - Dining at the Burj Khalifa

00:15:08 - Day Passes for Hotel Pools in Dubai

00:16:01 - The Cost of Living and Saving Money in Dubai

00:17:27 - Cultural Expectations and Dress Code in Dubai

00:18:08 - Finding Deals for Desert Adventures

00:19:24 - Dining at Salt Bae's Restaurant

00:20:45 - The Luxury Experience in Dubai

00:21:20 - Visiting Nusret and the Golden Menu

00:22:54 - The Practicality of Traditional Middle Eastern Dress

00:23:48 - The Diversity of Dubai's Population

00:25:18 - The Business Hub of Dubai

00:26:46 - Comparing Dubai to Other Middle Eastern Cultures

00:28:07 - The Reality of Dubai's Opulence

00:30:55 - The Appeal of Dubai for Short Visits

00:31:42 - The Man-Made Nature of Dubai

00:32:23 - The Fountain Show at the Burj Khalifa

00:33:05 - Considering Moving to Dubai

00:34:17 - The Need for Nature and Outdoor Activities

00:35:09 - The Fake Aspect of Dubai

00:36:41 - The Burj Khalifa and Dubai's Skyline

00:38:29 - Reflecting on the First Visit to the Middle East

00:39:47 - Planning Future Trips to the Middle East

00:41:26 - The Desire for a Private Jet

00:42:09 - The Burj Khalifa's Impressive Height

00:43:09 - The Dubai Fountain Show's Frequency

00:45:18 - Exploring More of the Middle East

00:46:12 - The Contrast Between Dubai and Nearby Countries

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