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Am I the A**hole: Travel Edition

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Episode notes

Am I the A**hole? Steph and Andrea dig into Reddit's AITA forum to find the best travel related AITA scenarios to debate. Tying in hostel etiquette, traveling with significant others, friends and family as also airplane entitlement - A**hole, or not? Tune in now and make sure you let us know if you agree with our verdicts!

00:04:22 - Airport Lounge Access and Etiquette

00:09:14 - Discussing Seat Selection and Airline Status

00:10:55 - Family Seating Dilemmas on Flights

00:14:54 - Hostel Nighttime Etiquette

00:19:11 - Hostel Room Sharing and Noise Consideration

00:21:08 - Airline Policies on Family Seating

00:26:45 - Hostel Etiquette and Late Night Returns

00:29:29 - More on Hostel Room Etiquette

00:32:39 - Arriving Excessively Early at the Airport

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