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How Love Languages Shape Our Travels

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Episode notes

Valentine's Day may have passed but it did get us thinking about love languages! Love languages are all about how you give and receive love, for and from others. But how do these relate into your travel style? Quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, gift giving and physical touch. We chat through these five love languages and how you can integrate these into travel to get the most out of your trip, whether with a partner, friends or even traveling solo.

00:00:00 - Love Languages and Travel

00:02:47 - Unplanned Big Trips and Booking Beliefs

00:03:20 - The Quest for a Wellness Retreat

00:05:13 - Spa Getaways vs. Genuine Retreats

00:06:32 - Valentine's Day and Galentine's Celebrations

00:07:06 - Love Languages and Their Travel Connection

00:08:07 - Defining and Understanding Love Languages

00:09:17 - Quality Time: Travel Edition

00:10:55 - Acts of Service on the Road

00:11:45 - Gift Giving While Traveling

00:12:37 - Physical Touch and Travel Intimacy

00:13:51 - Words of Affirmation for the Solo Traveler

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