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Navigating the Impact of Social Media on our Journeys

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How does social media impact your travel experiences? Is social media ruining travel experiences or making them better? Are we too obsessed with getting the right content instead of taking in the experience? Are we focusing too much on FOMO and what we see online? And are we traveling to some of these places we see online for the right reasons? Let's dive in!

00:00:00 - Social Media's Impact on Travel

00:05:42 - Discovering Local Spots via Social Media

00:07:47 - The Pros of Sharing Travel on Social Media

00:09:03 - Reflecting on Posting Travel Content in Real Time

00:11:47 - The Influence of Social Media on Travel Destinations

00:13:14 - Expectation vs. Reality in Travel Posts

00:15:46 - The Phenomenon of Over-Tourism

00:17:03 - Personal Reflections on Social Media Use While Traveling

00:19:03 - The Benefits of Social Media for Travelers

00:21:17 - Concluding Thoughts on Social Media and Travel Responsibility

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