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Solo Travel: How to Travel Alone and Love It

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Episode notes

In 2024 solo travel is becoming more popular than ever, but it can still be very daunting for those who have yet to take their first solo trip. So we give you our hot tips on great things you can do while solo traveling and while your might be alone, you'll never feel lonely!

00:02:01 - Booking Flights and Work Trips

00:02:21 - Airbnb Hosting Experiences

00:12:30 - Benefits of Walking Tours

00:15:20 - Food Tours and Meeting People

00:17:42 - Dining Alone and Alternatives

00:20:11 - Market Days and Eating Out

00:22:04 - Attending Local Performances

00:23:18 - Cooking Classes for Solo Travelers

00:24:50 - Using Dating Apps While Traveling

00:28:44 - Bringing a Kindle or Book

00:29:37 - Bookstore Browsing and Cafe Hopping

00:38:19 - Final Thoughts on Solo Travel Activities

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