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The Seat Recline Dilemma

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Episode notes

It is about to get spicy! Steph and Andrea get into a very intense debate... to recline or not to recline your airplane seat?! When we're flying, while we do have the option to push our seats back, is it always acceptable to do so? How long does a flight need to be before it's acceptable to recline your seat? And is it even your problem if the person behind you is too tall? Ultimately we need to ask the airlines who owns those two inches of space between the two seats? So buckle in and get ready for a heated episode!

00:00:00 - Debate on Airplane Seat Reclining

00:04:32 - The Middle Seat Dilemma

00:05:05 - To Recline or Not: The Great Debate

00:07:02 - Personal Reclining Etiquette

00:08:20 - Meal Service and Reclining Seats

00:09:00 - Considering Tall Passengers

00:10:01 - Reclining on Short Flights After Long Hauls

00:11:29 - The Domino Effect of Reclining

00:12:08 - Buying Seats with Extra Legroom

00:13:28 - Children Reclining Seats

00:14:16 - Courtesy of Asking Before Reclining

00:15:51 - Who Owns the Two Inches of Space?

00:18:28 - Dealing with Aggressive Passengers

00:19:19 - Judging the Situation Before Reclining

00:20:32 - Crossing Legs and Reclining Seats

00:21:39 - Airline's Responsibility for Seat Space

00:23:30 - Passive-Aggressive Responses to Reclining

00:24:14 - Ownership of Space and Airline Policies

00:27:15 - Dealing with Unusual Situations on Planes

00:28:45 - The Debate Continues: Courtesy vs. Rights

00:30:38 - Lack of Courtesy in Post-COVID Travel

00:31:13 - Conclusion and Opinions on Reclining Seats

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