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Quoting and Estimating: Trade Secrets to Master | ft. Clinton Cowin | Ep.398

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Episode notes

 Join us in a groundbreaking episode with Clinton Cowin from TradiePad, as we dive into the essentials of quoting and estimating for trade businesses. Discover how to refine your quoting techniques and estimating strategies to drive growth and profitability. Clinton shares his expertise on leveraging technology to streamline your processes, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive trade industry. Whether you're new to the business or looking to enhance your skills, this episode is packed with invaluable insights.

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Discussion Points: 

00:00 Tech revolutionised tradies' businesses, helping thousands succeed.

03:39 Early adopters embraced technology for efficiency gains.

09:21 Break down labour and materials for project estimation.

12:10 Break down quotes into labour and materials.

14:06 Job management systems offer detailed quote control.

17:53 Traditional vs modern workflow, client interaction changes.

21:47 Turn site visit into a sales call.

23:48 Video meetings widely accepted due to COVID.

28:49 Nurturing leads, closing opportunities, and retaining contacts.

30:36 Prioritise client re-engagement for business profitability.

35:52 Emphasise the importance of accurate customer data.

37:24 Challenges in migrating contact lists and cleansing.


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