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How to close more deals with a killer sales process | ft. Weston Zimmerman | Ep.402

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Episode notes

Wrap up our "How to Thrive, Not Just Survive" series with this deep dive into contractor sales process excellence, featuring insights from Weston of SynkedUp. This episode is a masterclass in leveraging software to streamline your business operations from quoting to financial control. Learn from real-life experiences on nurturing leads, overcoming objections, and evolving sales techniques for the modern contracting landscape. A must-watch for contractors ready to transform their approach and achieve lasting success.

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Discussion Points:

00:00 Episode Highlight
01:54 Growth increases costs, set higher minimums.
05:27 Insight on sales process and closing deals.
08:15 Clarify ROI for transitioning businesses to growth.
11:03 Emphasise sales process discovery, metrics for success.
15:04 Efficiency is key, avoid wasting everyone's time.
17:13 Focus on vetted site visits for profit.
20:36 Clients need to understand project dynamics.
25:03 Candidate left negative reviews after job rejection.
28:36 Filtering leads with consultation fee improved sales.
31:45 Streamlined quoting process drastically reduces turnaround time.
33:01 Solar industry professionals can anticipate project needs.
37:11 Client increased job acceptance rate from 15% to 100% using remote sales process.
42:26 Interactive visual form for products and services.
43:39 "People often do not know what they want."
47:31 Navigating client expectations, budgets, and confidence.


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