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The two ways contractors lose or make money on jobs | ft. Weston Zimmerman | Ep.401

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Episode notes

In this episode of The Site Shed, join us and our guest Weston from SynkedUp as we delve into the transformative power of contractor software solutions. Learn how the right technology can overhaul pricing, scheduling, and financial management, driving efficiency and profitability in the contracting world. From overcoming industry resistance to embracing data-driven decisions, this episode is a must-watch for contractors aiming to enhance operational effectiveness and steer their businesses towards sustained growth.

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Discussion Points:

00:00 Grew up working at landscaping company, developed software.
06:52 Podcast discussing new product competing with fleet systems.
08:14 Microwave business success: Maths or production accuracy.
11:39 Plumber describes outdated invoicing process, embraces modernisation.
13:51 Identify expenses by project sections for contractors.
19:19 Risks of estimating without accurate gross profit.
22:52 Landscape businesses retain employees by year-round pay.
25:15 Zooming in on production capacity is crucial.
27:03 Show notes will include links for reference.


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