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How quoting and estimating fit into your tech stack | ft. Clinton Cowin | Ep.399

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Episode notes

 Join us for an insightful episode with Clinton Cowin of Tradiepad as we dive into how quoting and estimating technologies can revolutionise the trade industry. Learn about integrating these crucial processes into your tech stack, enhancing accuracy, and driving business growth. Discover the impact of tech on traditional quoting methods and how modern solutions can streamline operations, reduce errors, and elevate customer satisfaction. Don't miss Clinton's expert insights on leveraging technology for success in the trades.

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Discussion Points: 

00:00 Episode Highlight

05:57 In marketing, new software combines multiple functions.

07:40 ServiceMate discovery sessions open users' eyes.

12:03 Discussing technology's role in client communication process.

14:58 Clients benefit from project kits, and efficient pricing.

19:07 Complete on-site sales process with payment facility.

21:51 Analyze job data to find ideal clients.

26:16 Customise communication methods based on customer preferences.

29:03 ServiceMate is easy but has limitations.

32:07 Client communication and customisation at every stage.

36:37 The Foundations Program


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