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How to win local council contracts | ft. Jason Cooney | Ep.403

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Episode notes

Unlock the secrets to winning local council contracts with Jason Cooney of The Tender Team in this insightful podcast episode. Learn from experts how to navigate the tender process, from writing winning bids to understanding council requirements and streamlining your business processes for success. Whether you're new to government contracts or looking to improve your strategy, this episode offers valuable insights and practical tips to help your contracting business thrive. Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your approach and secure more council contracts.

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Discussion Points:

00:00 Tender terms require accepting, check insurance before committing.
06:14 Maintenance personnel require 60-minute response time.
06:44 Government contracts require insider knowledge for success.
12:43 Request for safety, quality, and local support documents.
14:08 Discussing technology trends and tender submission processes.
17:22 Showcase past work to align with contract.
20:09 Sign up with local councils for tenders.
23:18 Traders dislike paperwork, but offer valuable information.
28:22 Filter tenders, reach out to local authority.
31:43 Debrief call reveals helpful bid information.
32:24 Finding good tender writers is hit or miss.


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