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Managing hazardous material on site | ft. Taryn Toic | Ep.404

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Dive deep into the critical aspects of on-site hazard management with Taryn Toic, an expert in handling hazardous materials. This episode covers everything from asbestos safety to silica and lead exposure control, offering tradies and contractors vital information to protect themselves and their team. Learn about the latest in safety protocols, the role of technology in enhancing workplace safety, and the importance of proper hazard management strategies. Essential viewing for anyone in the construction industry looking to improve their on-site safety practices.

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Discussion Points:

00:00 Awareness of hazards in building construction important.
06:17 Residential asbestos assessment now required in British Columbia.
08:54 Importance of asbestos awareness in everyday trade.
11:49 Employers and contractors need exposure control plan.
16:27 Disturbance of asbestos and silica requires control. Hazards have long latency period.
18:43 PPE is essential for worker safety.
20:52 "Don't be jealous of the unbearable heat."


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