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Sell Unafraid: Success is an Inside-Out Game | ft. Tom Reber | Ep.406

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Episode notes

Discover the power of Trade Business Growth Strategies in our latest episode featuring Tom Reber from The Contractor Fight! Dive into expert insights on how to boost your contractor business through innovative growth techniques. Join Tom as he reveals the secrets behind efficient contractor marketing, increasing leads, and mastering sales strategies. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale up, these actionable tips from a seasoned professional will set you on the path to success. Don't miss out—tune in now and transform your trade business today!

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Discussion Points:

00:00 Long search, found purpose in The Contractor Fight.
06:40 Overwhelmed by information, but learning to apply.
13:09 Book "Sell Unafraid" emphasises discipline for sales success.
18:40 1-on-1 coaching setup, misses client's priorities.
23:42 Prioritise self-care and relationships for success.
28:21 Daily decisions impact goals, prioritise control.
36:12 Long-term projects require patience and nurturing.
39:50 TV show pickup shoots used to annoy.
45:50 Maximise control, win the morning, enhance sales.
48:29 Set a new standard, success inside out.
57:31 The importance of genuine curiosity in sales.
01:02:54 Consulting on unique selling points and differentiation.


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