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By TingTingandKakas
【两个华裔女神经的对话,莫名其妙的正能量分享】带上多元文化视角,和婷婷和卡卡闲聊海外心情。治愈系闲聊节目。你也在多元文化间找自己吗?📍悉尼,澳大利亚 ✉️ 欢迎分享你的故事和想知道的内容AT:[email protected] are in an inter-cultural zone between the East and the West. Tingting and Kaka are two Chinese Australians who like to engage in fun and bizarre dialogues. Each episode we get our friends together to talk about our lives at a home away from home. 🀄️ Our conversations are in Chinese OR English depending on whom we talk to. ✉️ Share your story and your thoughts at: [email protected]

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