We Built This City / Manc 18: Eamonn O'Neal - From Tea Boy To High Sheriff

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Discover what happens when you’re not frightened of failure.

From teaching and radio presenting to being appointed High Sheriff, Eamonn O’Neal has achieved everything he’s ever set out to do. Here, Lisa Morton discovers what happens when you take the risks and the opportunities life throws at you. 

We Built This City is a series of conversations with some of the amazing Mancunians - born, bred or adopted – who put the heart into modern Manchester. A celebration of the human grit, determination and love found throughout the city, these episodes will lift you up, make you laugh and inspire you to leave our city in a better place.

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Eamonn was appointed by the Queen this year as High Sheriff of Greater Manchester – the first High Sheriff in history to be installed via Zoom! - and his year campaign is to celebrate ‘being you’. A man with a big heart, Eamonn is working with organisations to create cultures that allow those with disabilities to thrive in our society.
In his own words: “I want to celebrate and show the strength that’s in differences.”
Leaving his job as a deputy head when he was 30, Eamonn was the oldest tea boy in media when he started his career in broadcast at ITV and BBC Radio Manchester, and has even been Managing Editor of the Manchester Evening News. 
On top of his current work as High Sheriff, Eamonn is Chief Executive of St Ann’s Hospice, working to give people peace in their final stages of life and helping to raise £20m as they go into their 50th year.
In this episode, you’ll find out what can happen when you have the courage to follow where life leads.
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Your host, Lisa Morton, started PR company Roland Dransfield in 1996, one month after the fateful IRA bomb that tore apart the city centre. From that point, the business, and its team members, have been involved in helping to support the creation of Modern Manchester – across regeneration, business, charity, leisure and hospitality, sport and culture. 
To celebrate the 24 years that Roland Dransfield has spent creating these bonds, Lisa is gathering together some of her Greater Mancunian ‘family’ and will be exploring how they have created their own purposeful relationships with the best place in the world.

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